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CLASP Climate Process Team

Coupling of Land and Atmospheric Subgrid Parameterizations

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In existing climate models, simulated sub-grid heterogeneous states and fluxes over land are mostly disconnected from sub-grid parameterizations of the atmosphere. This is a recognized deficiency given the known role of multi-scale land heterogeneity in atmospheric processes including convection, rainfall initiation, and mesoscale circulations.

The main objective of CLASP is to parameterize the heterogeneous sub-grid exchange between the land and atmosphere and to characterize its implications for surface climate, variability, and extremes.

  • Nathaniel Chaney (Duke University)
  • Kirsten Findell (NOAA GFDL)
  • Po-Lun Ma (DOE PNNL)
  • David Lawrence (NCAR)
  • Joseph Santanello (NASA GSFC)
  • Paul Dirmeyer (George Mason University)
  • Elena Shevliakova (NOAA GFDL)
  • Forrest Hoffman (DOE ORNL)
  • Michael Ek (NCAR)
  • Gabriel Katul (Duke University)
  • Ming Zhao (NOAA GFDL)
  • L. Ruby Leung (DOE PNNL)
  • Randal Koster (NASA GSFC)
  • Jason Simon (Duke University)
  • Khaled Ghannam (Princeton University)
  • Patricia Lawston (NASA GSFC)
  • Abedeh Abdolghafoorian (George Mason University)